Stories From the Founders Pledge Community

Member Stories

Member Stories

The world’s biggest online art class: From smashing a world record to raising £50k

By: Rachel Baxter

Driven by Founders Pledge members Sam Barnett and Sebastien Blanc, the class broke an art world record and raised thousands of pounds for COVID relief.

Member Stories

Why I don't want to gamble with giving

By: Erik Bergman

Erik Bergman, founder of Catena Media and, discusses his journey from becoming a millionaire overnight at the age of 28 to dedicating himself to charitable giving.

Member Stories

The simple path to impact

By: Ben Medlock

Learn how Ben Medlock, technologist and founder of Swiftkey, applied his lessons from business to his philanthropy. Find out which charitable donation he found most impactful.

Insights from the Research Team

Insights from the Research Team

COVID-19 in low- and middle-income countries. It’s time to take action.

By: Sam Carter & Rebecca Roden

We look at how different low- and middle-income countries have been impacted by the pandemic and highlight the best opportunities we’ve found for philanthropy to make a meaningful difference.

Insights from the Research Team

Is Sweden’s COVID-19 strategy paying off?

By: Aidan Goth

Discussion of Sweden's aims, whether the health system is coping and whether Sweden will soon reach herd immunity.

Insights from the Research Team

Why improving housing affordability is one of the best causes to support in England

By: Stephen Clare

An analysis of the housing crisis in England, its social, economic, and environmental effects, and our recommendation for supporting effective solutions.

Philanthropic Thinking

Philanthropic Thinking

Resources on racial justice for the Founders Pledge community

By: Founders Pledge Team

A list of topics and resources which have inspired our thinking on racial justice.

Philanthropic Thinking

How to think about giving during COVID

By: Danielle Gram

Points to consider when determining whether COVID is the only cause to give to this year.

Philanthropic Thinking

Is silicon valley solving the problems that matter most?

By: Jeremy Le Van

A successful entrepreneur ponders the culture change in tech, and whether more effort is required for entrepreneurs to have real social impact. His conclusion is clear.



How I Give: COVID-19 in fragile settings with David Miliband

By: David Goldberg

David Miliband, President of the IRC, joined us to discuss the imminent threat of COVID-19 to the world’s most vulnerable populations, including refugee and displaced communities.


How I Give: Staying Sane in Lockdown with Mark Williamson

By: Philip Kasumu

We speak to Dr Mark Williamson of mental health charity Action for Happiness.


How I Give: The Center for Health Security

By: Sam Carter

We speak to the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security about the COVID-19 pandemic